How To Pay Your NV Energy Bill

nv-energyIf you are a customer of NV Energy, you have multiple options for paying your monthly bill. You can pay:

  • Online: You can log in to your account and pay for free using your bank account, or you can pay by credit card (for a $1.75 fee) using Western Union Speedpay.
  • By Mail: Send your payment to one of the following addresses: In southern Nevada, the address is: NV Energy, P.O. Box 30150, Reno, NV 89520. In northern Nevada, the address is NV Energy, P.O. Box 30073, Reno, NV 89520.
  • By Phone: Pay for free with your checking account by calling one of the following phone numbers: In southern Nevada, the number is 702-402-5555. In northern Nevada, the number is 775-834-4444. You can also pay by credit card via Western Union Speedpay (for a $1.75 fee) by calling 800-253-8084 (southern NV) or 800-809-1013 (northern NV).
  • In Person: Go here to find pay locations nearest you. Some may charge an extra fee to take payments in person.