How to Pay Your Lending Club Loan

If you’ve taken out a loan via Lending Club, you have several options to make your loan payments. You can pay:

  • Online: By default, LendingClub sets you up with automatic payments, meaning your payment is automatically debited from your bank account each month. If you agreed to this, you actually don’t need to do anything to get your payments made online, because it will happen automatically. (You should get an email from Lending Club a few days before the payment is taken out of your account so you know in advance that your bank balance will be going down.)

If you chose not to have payments taken out of your bank account automatically, you can pay your Lending Club loan:

  • By Mail: Send your payment to LendingClub Corporation, Dept. 34268, PO Box 39000, San Francisco, CA 94139. Make Checks payable to LendingClub Corporation (Note there may be an extra $7 fee for mailed payments.)
  • By Phone: The Lending Club customer service phone number for payments is 844-227-5011.

Note that you can also make extra payments to LendingClub outside of the standard schedule, or pay off your LendingClub loan early.