How to Pay Texas State Highway 130 Tolls

tx-130If you are about to drive on or have just driven on Texas SH 130, you may be wondering how to pay your tolls. One way you CAN’T pay is with cash, which surprises many drivers when they realize there’s no one to take their money on this particular toll road.

So, how do you pay? Two options:

  1. Get a TxTag. This is an electronic sticker that goes on your windshield and can be read by sensors on the 130. You fund your account like you would a prepaid debit card, and your tolls are taken out of your account balance. Tolls are cheaper for drivers that use a TxTag versus those who get their tolls billed to them.
  2. The second option is less appealing unless you rarely if ever drive on the 130 toll road — having your tolls billed to you. It is less appealing because the cost of your tolls is a third higher and you pay an extra $1.15 on top of that to be billed. With this option you get tracked by your license plate on the toll road and a bill is sent to you in any month when you have tolls to pay. You can pay your toll bill online or by mail (Address: TxTag, P.O. Box 650749, Dallas, TX 75265-0749) or at the TxTag Customer Service Center located at 12719 Burnett Road, Austin, TX 78727.