How To Pay Ohio Driver’s License Reinstatement Fee

ohiodlIf your license has been suspended in Ohio for any reason, you will need to pay a reinstatement fee after your suspension ends in order to get a new license. You will also need to provide documentation that you’ve completed any necessary steps to gain a new license, such as proof of insurance or driver re-testing. There are many reasons a license gets suspended, and many different procedures for reinstatement depending on your circumstances. For a summary of possible license reinstatement procedures and their corresponding reinstatement fees, see this document (PDF format).

In most cases, you can pay your reinstatement fee online, by mail, or in person. Because you will usually have to provide some other documents in addition to the fee, mailing in your documents and fees together or paying in person might make the most sense. However, that is up to you. Here’s how to pay:

  • By mail: Send in necessary documents and fees to the following address: Ohio BMV, ATTN: REFEE, P.O. Box 16520, Columbus, OH, 43216.
  • In person: Note that an additional $10 service fee is added to your reinstatement fee if you pay in person. Most Ohio BMV Deputy Registrar License Agencies will take your documents and payments. Go here to find offices in your county and be sure you see the note “Offers reinstatement service” within the description of the Deputy Registrar Agency you plan to visit.
  • Online: Pay your reinstatement fee at