How To Pay A Speeding Ticket in Ohio

ohio-speedingIf you have received a speeding ticket in Ohio, you either received your ticket on a highway controlled by the Ohio State Highway Patrol or you’ve gotten a ticket in a particular city or town. Either way, you will end up paying that ticket to the city in which you were speeding or possibly to the county you were traveling through if on the Turnpike or other highway.

So, there is no central location to pay all Ohio speeding tickets — you pay the local city or county. Instructions on how to pay your particular ticket should be printed on the ticket itself — if you don’t see instructions on the front, they may be printed on the back.

Lost your ticket? If you know what city or county you got the ticket from, you can simply call their police department or county courthouse and get it reissued or go pay in person. If the lost ticket was from the Highway Patrol and you don’t know what county your ticket was issued in, you’ll need to contact the local Highway Patrol Post nearest where your ticket was issued for help. (If you don’t have a clue which Post to call, make your best guess and call them up; hopefully they can help you.)