How To Pay a Chicago Traffic Ticket

chicago-ticketIf you receive a traffic ticket in Chicago, it may be one of two types of tickets. The first type of ticket covers parking violations and automated speed or red-light enforcement tickets, basically any ticket that did not require a police officer to interact with you personally. If you have one of these types of tickets and you want to pay it without contesting the violation, you can pay:

  • Online: Go here to find your ticket by ticket number, license number, etc., and make your payment. (Note that violations involving booted vehicles or driver’s license suspension must be paid in person.)
  • By Mail: Send a copy of your notice and payment (by check) to the following address: City of Chicago Dept. of Finance, P.O. Box 6289, Chicago IL 60680-6289
  • In Person: Pay at an EZ Pay Station or at a Department Of Finance location.

Now, if you have a moving violation traffic ticket, which is a bit more serious (or a lot more serious) than a parking ticket or automated speeding/red-light ticket, your case is under the jurisdiction of Cook County. If your ticket says “You Must Appear” or “Court Appearance Required”, then instructions on when and where to appear in person will be given to you. However, if you are lucky enough to have the option to skip court and pay a fine for your violation, you can do so in the following ways: